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COVID-19 Precautions

Keeping well in body, mind, and spirit has a whole new meaning beginning in 2020. Between the pandemic, elections, social movements, and restrictions on our daily lives in everything we do has made me appreciate even more all of "the little blessings" we still have. To do what I can to help us all during these times, I am following the guidelines put forth by our Ohio Health Department (as promoted by Governor, Mike Dewine), the CDC, and the city of Middletown, OH.

In essence:

- wearing masks that cover the nose and mouth is required within the Pendleton Art Center and my personal studio.

- social distancing within my studio is being managed through appointment-only entry.

- if you are sick, please stay home to get well (we should have been doing this all along).

For up-to-date guidelines, please go to:,, and/or

I will keep all in my prayers for good health and healing for 2021!

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